Who are we?

We are a family. As a father and husband there's no better feeling than creating something dope with your family. I have been making records for a living since the early 2000's. I have worked with a lot of dope artists on dope projects. This is much more rewarding than any endeavor that I have undertaken. My wife Treva LaViva has given her vocals to some dope hip hop records in the past.

7 years ago we dropped Lena's Room Volume one. We never considered that years later it would be a great path for us. We are ecstatic that we have been able to carve our family a new path through music and entertainment. I will update this page with more information as we get time. Thanks for checking us out!

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Behind the scenes pics

How It All Began

This video is both cute and ground breaking. It was the moment that we realized the music that adults listen to on a daily basis are loved by the little kids. Our problem was that the music she had to listen to at 1 year old was wack. As music producers we felt like we could do better than what we were hearing.

We set out to create something that we could all listen to. In 2015 we released Lena's Room Volume 1. It was just for us to listen to and as she got older we forgot about it and went on about our business. Seven years later we were looking at our streaming analytics and could see that album streaming quite well with no promo or oversight. It was then that we realized we were missing some very low hanging fruit.

Thanks to this video we are proud to bring you Calin's Children's Channel. We have just wrapped production of our first season and are looking forward to this great venture. X